The SkimAtom has delivered on all its promises and more. It does a great job of skimming the surface of the pool. I run at night so wake up to a crystal clear pool each day! It also helps reduce the need of the pool skimmer which then keeps the pressure down for longer time periods which reduces the need for backwashing. . . What a bonus! The SkimAtom makes pool enjoyable 24hours. 

Aliona PPropriétaire du SkimAtom

 For all pool owners who are exhausted of constantly skimming the pool surface on a regular basis, this is the robot for you. Just drop it in the pool, turn it on, and let it do all the hardwork. I've been searching for a solar power skimmer like this for a while to the point where I was going to design my own. No need now. The SkimAtom meets what I was looking for. 

Henry FerdinandPropriétaire du SkimAtom

 Amusant, facile, permet d'économiser du temps et de l'argent. Réduit l'utilisation de la pompe de la piscine mais également l'empreinte carbone. Nous avons fait construire une piscine pour en profiter et non pas pour la nettoyer manuellement en permanence. Enfin le robot dont j'ai toujours eu besoin! 

Vincent CPropriétaire du SkimAtom